Welcome to Grin. Giggle. Grow. My name is Sandy and I hope I to provide a little entertainment, education and humor.  Join me as I explore food, fitness, family, friends, life and the constant attempt to balance it all.

A little about me:

Above all I love my family, immediate and extended, passionately. My friends are like my family. I love food (I am a Registered Dietitian) and fitness, but do not always eat healthy and exercise. Some of my earliest memories are standing on a chair at my grandma’s kitchen counter ‘helping’ her cook and bake. I am a runner.  Running literally shaped my career and life.  It has brought friends into my life.  Running is part of my DNA, even when I take a hiatus from it.  I love to laugh. I have been told my laugh is very distinct and it was once described it as a “10 decibel laugh”.  I took this as a compliment.  People say they know I am nearby just by hearing me laugh.  Laughter has gotten me through many difficult times, I believe that if you can find humor in a tough situation, you can get through anything. We laugh a lot in our home, mostly at ridiculous things. I recommend you do the same.

My first post-baby race, The Crim Festival of Races 8K, with my dad

I am a new mom to a beautiful little girl named Lily. She is hands-down the best thing I have ever done. She is also the most difficult and frustrating thing I have ever done. I don’t say that lightly. Seriously, I have done some hard things in my life. I have run marathons. I left a career to go back to school. I have moved out of the state on less than a one-month timeline to chase my academic goals. I have managed a $1 Million+ program. Building a human in my body, getting her out and now keeping her alive, all without getting supremely frustrated on a daily basis because I cannot interpret why she is crying? Hardest thing I have EVER done. But, then she smiles her HUGE toothless smile when I am at my most tired, frustrated, about to cry and all melts. She is the best thing I have ever done.

An award-winning grin

I have a fantastic, supportive husband named Jordan that believes in me and my sometimes crazy ideas. I, in turn, do the same. We knew each other casually for years before we realized, “oh, hey, you’re my person”. I am so glad we did. He is funny and sarcastic. He is an extrovert, sometimes annoyingly so. I am an introvert, sometimes annoyingly so. He loves Michigan State sports and knows basically everything about them. He, like Lily, can be frustrating. And I love him for it. He is an incredible, patient dad. Watching him interact with our baby makes me love him even more.

Photo: Rearview Photography

We have a rescue dog named Buddy. He is the sweetest, most loyal dog ever. But, he can be naughty. His circle of trust is small. Buddy enjoys eating Lily’s dirty diapers, car rides, loving visitors just a little too much and transitioning from under the covers to over the covers of our bed multiple times a night.

This is the cast of characters for whom I live for every day. I assure you, there is a lot of character in our home.


Why Grin. Giggle. Grow.?

I am not alone in realizing that on the day my first child was born my life was redefined, quite literally, in a moment. I love being at home with my smiling, funny, sometimes cranky little one, but I have been struggling a bit with my own creative expression that I am not getting now that I am not currently working outside of the home. My most recent work was in the nonprofit world, specifically as a grant writer. I never expected to love that work so much. But, I learned that I enjoyed beginning with a blank page and ending with a dynamic proposal that may turn into grant dollars to help fund programs related to health, nutrition and wellness – my personal passion.

Grin. Giggle. Grow. has been in my brain for years. I have written many blog posts in my brain as I ran, cooked, gardened, drove and laid awake on sleepless nights. I don’t remember most of them. It is time to take the leap.

My life is about experiences, learning and trying to balance everything. All while trying to keep a sense of humor. So smile, laugh and learn with me.


Grin. Giggle. Grow.